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Favorite Traditional Norwegian Cuisines You Have to Try

It's not a surprise that Norway is teeming with food because of the extensive coastline of Norway and its frigid interior rivers, fjords, islands, and peninsulas. It is typical to see a vast range of essential foods in a Nordic diet.

Norwegian cuisine is delicious, rich with seafood and meats, clearly reflecting the tastes of Norway's long winters. Here are conventional foods in traditional Norwegian cuisines you have to try:

1. Seafood

Fish, primarily salmon, is a staple in Nordic cuisine. Smoked salmon and savory-sauced fish are so popular in Norway that they are served for breakfast. Gravlaks or cured salmon is usually eaten cold and raw and is cured in salt and sugar, often served with various sauces.

Another favorite in the country is Kreps or crayfish caught between mid-June and August in rivers and lakes. They are often boiled, baked, or poached. Other seafood meals include shrimp, lobster, mackerel, herring, and monkfish.

2. Game and Meat

Beef is normally eaten in the form of Svineribb (roast beef). Beef meatballs or kjøttkaker is a tasty dish frequently served with gravy and root vegetables.

Time-honored lamb dishes are served on special occasions, such as Fenalår or cured dried leg of lamb, Pinnekjøtt or lamb ribs, as well as Fårikål, made with non-prime mature sheep meat, cooked for hours with cabbage, salt, and whole black peppercorns until the mutton slips from the bone.

Other beloved dishes include pølse or grilled sausage served as fast food in Norway, typically with mashed potatoes, fried onions, and eggs.

3. Grains, Bread, and Desserts

Rye is a common grain, but oats, wheat, other grains, and even potato flour are also used. In a standard grovbrød or coarse bread, multiple varieties of flour may be combined in one recipe.

Flatbreads or lefse (a potato crepe) are also well-known in Norway, as well as Smørbrød or open-faced sandwiches commonly served with caviar, smoked salmon and trout, or various other savory toppings.

Various pastries are also served for dessert, like Rundstykker (Danish Breakfast Rolls) and knekkebrød (Norwegian Crisp Bread). Rugbrød, or pancakes made in multiple styles and often served with sweet toppings for breakfast, alongside eggs and fish, are also a must-try.

Favorite desserts include rice pudding, stewed fruit served with a dollop of cream, and Krumkake baked like a waffle-shaped dough until crispy, drizzled with icing on top.

4. Fruits, Nuts, Berries, and Vegetables

Root vegetables are staples in the Nordic diet, including carrots, potatoes, onions, and rutabaga (kålrabi).

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries are also staples for juices and jellies, often served with cheese. Fruits are also abundant here, such as apples, plums, pears, and sweet cherries, eaten fresh or preserved for winter.

In addition, hazelnuts are a favorite and are typically processed into various foods, including bread and cake frosting, but they can also come unsalted.

5. Cheese and Dairy Products

Hallingdal, a region in Norway, is famous for producing goat cheese, while another region produces cow's milk. Both hard and processed cheese are an essential part of the Nordic diet.

Icelandic skyr is a simple, tasty, healthy dairy product, similar to strained yogurt. It has a consistency comparable to sour cream and has no preservatives.

Other items on a Nordic menu include curd, cheese, and fjell cheese (mountain cheese), eaten with bread for breakfast or mixed in many of their recipes.

6. Drinks

Water, tea and coffee, beer, and wine are the most commonly consumed beverages. The national drink, however, is alcohol-based. Christmas faves include Glögg or mulled wine, and Aquavit, an alcoholic drink made from potato and flavored with caraway seeds.


Many of the foods that your ancestors ate are still consumed in Norway. Norwegians often use the same ingredients but cook and prepare them differently.

Norwegian cuisine has been influenced by the cuisines of other countries, particularly those of Western Europe. Nordic food and cooking methods have been preserved for hundreds of years. They may still be used to prepare classic dishes.

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