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Skoleboller, the Famous Norwegian Sweet Bun, Is a Must Try

Skoleboller or skolebrød is a famous Norwegian bread that literally translates to school buns. It is a sweet cardamom bun filled with vanilla custard and decorated with confectioners, including sugar glaze and coconut shreds.

This delicious treat is a favorite with kids and adults alike all over Norway. It's found in every bakery department of every shop in the country–and for a good reason!

The Origins of Skoleboller

You may be wondering where this Norwegian sweet bun came from. It was first made in the romantic city of Oslo in the year 1939.

According to historians, this sweet bun was first made by a Norwegian woman named Gerda Nielsen, who made them for her son Jens, for his school lunches.

However, it didn't actually become known as skoleboller until the 1940s, when Jens started selling them to several schools in Oslo, Norway.

Since then, they've become a favorite among Norwegians and tourists alike!

A Classic Norwegian Dessert

Since skoleboller is so popular, there are many variations in its recipe.

For example, some versions of this Norwegian sweet bun contain both cinnamon and cardamom as a flavoring.

Some versions also have a glaze on top, which can be made from a variety of ingredients.

However, the original form of the skoleboller bun does not have a glaze. It's simply a sweet bun filled with smooth and creamy vanilla custard.

Melt in Your Mouth Deliciousness

In Norway, skoleboller has been around for a long time. And, you can still find them in all the cities and towns throughout Norway.

People love them because they're delicious and easy to eat. You don't have to worry about a filling going everywhere when you bite into one. It's a sweet treat that kids and adults can enjoy together.

It's the delicate texture, the mild sweetness, and the subtle flavor of cardamom. And let's not forget the creamy vanilla custard that is the perfect complement.

Homemade skoleboller are made on special occasions, on weekends, or holidays, but you can also buy them ready-made at bakeries or stores on any day of the week.

The most important ingredient in skoleboller is the dough, which has a high proportion of fat. And since it's made with cream, most people will request that you not buy one if you're on a diet.

How to Enjoy Skoleboller

This famous Norwegian sweet bun is enjoyed as a snack or as a sweet after-dinner treat in Norway.

In fact, Norwegians love them so much that they're often the first thing to disappear from a birthday cake.

One great way to eat skoleboller is to slather it with a bit of jam. And since it's a sweet bun, it makes a great breakfast food or a sweet snack.

It's also a great dessert to enjoy after a large meal. But because it's a cardamom bun, it's also perfect with any meal.

For dessert, serve it with some vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or drizzle it with some melted chocolate sauce.


The best way to enjoy skoleboller is to order it or buy it at a bakery or store. Once you've tried this famous Norwegian sweet bun, you'll understand why it's so popular among Norwegians!

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