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Very Good Reasons to Start Eating Dessert for Breakfast!

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you have to get it right because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. And to an extent, this is true. Whatever time you eat, the first meal of the day is usually the most important.

Whether you're watching your weight or trying to keep healthy, this is the best time to eat to your heart's content. So why not eat something good and make you happy? Like dessert!

If you're looking for an excellent reason to have dessert for breakfast, here are a few good reasons why:

Start the Day Right

During the workweek, breakfast is usually a bite of toast, a cup of coffee, and a meeting. We wait to eat breakfast until we're running late, and that's when we get our morning rush. There's hardly time to enjoy a bowl of cereal or a warm waffle.

So when we finally do get to sit down, it's a scramble to eat as quickly as possible and go. Dessert for breakfast is a sweet way to start the day and can be enjoyed at a slower pace. The great news is you can enjoy dessert way past breakfast if you choose the right dessert.

Curb Your Hunger for Longer

Let's face it. There are times when we eat, and then we still want more. It's either the sugar crash effect, or we're just not satisfied with what we've eaten. Either way, we want to eat again, and that's not good. So we look for something else to eat. It's not a good feeling, and it's not healthy.

Eating dessert for breakfast is like eating dessert for lunch or dinner. It's not going to make you feel full enough to stop eating. But it will curb your hunger for longer. This gives you less time to think about food. And if you're thinking about food less, you're eating less. It's like a vicious cycle, but in reverse, because you're eating less.

Boosts Your Energy

If you're like most people, you're barely awake in the morning, and you get your energy from coffee or a snack. So you're starting your day off with a buzz. And if you're using sugar to get that boost, it's not doing your body any good.

So why not use a sugary snack to bring your energy level up without all the bad effects. It's not a caffeine buzz, and it's still going to give you energy for a while.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and breakfast has to be good. So why not have dessert before? It's not going to make you feel like you are overindulged, you'll still have energy, and it'll curb your hunger. So there's no reason not to eat a little dessert for breakfast!

It's Good for the Soul

We all know the saying, "Eat dessert first." It's a great saying, and it's a great tip if you want to save the best for last. But eating dessert first also means you're eating a treat first. It's a good feeling. When you eat dessert first in the morning, you're starting your day off right.

You're happy, and you're relaxed. You're not going to feel rushed or stressed so that you will be more productive. You're going to be more inspired to do what you need to do when you start your day with a positive attitude.

The Bottom Line

Even if you're not a sweets fan, you can find something that works for you. If you're sharing a dessert with the family, you can get something that you like, too. And if you're eating dessert for breakfast, you can take your time and enjoy it to the fullest.

So the next time you have a sweet tooth, treat yourself to a bowl of delicious cereal and a scoop of ice cream. When you have dessert for breakfast, you'll start your day off right and end it feeling satisfied and not guilty!

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