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Top 5 Norwegian Dish Staples You Should Try in Norway

Every country takes pride in whipping up traditional recipes inspired by their culture, so if people think of classic, Neapolitan-style pizza as Italy's delectable legacy, fresh, high-quality cuts of sashimi in Japan, and your go-to burgers for American lovers, then what about Norway?

With the country being surrounded by sparkling coastlines as far as the eyes can see, it's not a surprise that seafood like fish is under the spotlight in Norway's list of delicious national dishes. From the heart-warming Norwegian fish soup, "fiskesuppe," to the refreshing "rauðhumr" (literally meaning "red roe") that taste mouth-watering, the list goes on and on.

If you're craving for a taste of Norway's culture, then read on as the list below explores some of the gastronomic Norwegian favorites!

1. Rømmegrøt

Mixing sweet and savory in one heart-warming dish, the one-of-a-kind Norwegian porridge, "rømmegrøt," is made with a creamy layer of sour cream, whole milk, wheat flour, butter, cinnamon, sugar, and salt. The richness can be balanced when you pair it with cured meat, adding a lip-smacking punch to the overall dish. If you're an adventurous foodie looking for Norway's comfort food, this would be the perfect dish for you to try!

2. Sursild (Pickled Herring)

Pickled herring, a staple in Norway's culinary, is quite easy to prepare—and tastes even better with some mashed potatoes. It can be served on open sandwiches with dill, egg, and onion. It might not be your typical dining style, but if you want to experience the Norwegian way of enjoying herring, then give this a try!

3. Pinnekjøtt

Fried pinnekjøtt, is a hearty dish that is made with lamb's ribs, seasoned with spices such as pepper, ginger, and nutmeg. What makes this dish so unique is the way it's cooked; the lamb becomes tender by steaming it until it becomes tastefully juicy, making it the perfect dish to be eaten together with boiled potatoes, pureed rutabaga, and ice-cold beer.

4. Kjøttboller / Kjøttkaker

A meatball with a unique twist, Kjøttboller and Kjøttkaker are made from ground beef and onion, served with potatoes on the side, and eaten together with one of Norway's signature brown sauces known as kålstuing. It's a gravy-like sauce with cabbage, though the creaminess also complements the deep sweetness of lingonberry jam, resulting in a dynamic range of flavors in every bite.

5. Lefse

What's a Norwegian meal without a portion of soft flatbread? As the staple for any traditional Norwegian gathering, Lefse is a popular Norwegian flatbread served nearly everywhere, from homes to restaurants to even supermarkets. It is a versatile dish that can be served as a breakfast, brunch, or even as a snack and is best enjoyed with either sweet or savory ingredients.

The Bottom Line: A Taste of Norwegian's Decadent Favorites

Just like every country has its own distinct culture and traditions, there's a culinary legacy that defines what it means to be Norwegian. With a list of must-try dishes that are a must for any Norwegian foodie, there's a new appreciation for the classic Norwegian dishes people think twice before trying. To bring a taste of Norway to you, check out Ana's Norwegian Bakeri!

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