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How to Naturally Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful holiday that many people look forward to. It’s the time of the year when you can indulge all of your senses. You can see beautiful Christmas lights, listen to solemn or jolly music, feel the warmth of a cozy fire, and taste tons of delicious food. Let’s not forget the countless scents that really tie everything together.

If you would like to make your home naturally smell like Christmas, here are some tricks that can help:


You can brew a batch of peppermint tea and let the scent engulf your living spaces. There are many brands of tea that have dried peppermint leaves. For more depth, you can use a blend laced with chamomile and lemon.


To make your home smell like apples, heat up some apple cider in a slow cooker. As a bonus, you can make a hot apple cider drink. If you don’t have this ingredient, you can boil some fresh apples in hot water. To add more depth, you can add mulling spices too.


If you want to make orange pomanders, you can stud fresh oranges with cloves, resulting in a house that smells citrusy. However, this option can get moldy after a few days. If you want the scent to last longer, dehydrate some orange slices and attach them to your garlands, ornaments, or as an ingredient in your bowl of potpourri.


The scent of vanilla can be so addictive. For those who are fond of baking with vanilla, you can attest to how the scent envelops and lingers in the room. If you don’t bake, you can still make your house smell like it. Simply add a couple of drops of vanilla extract to cotton balls and place them in inconspicuous areas in your home. You can hide them in centerpieces and other pretty objects.


Everyone knows that the best way to make your house smell like pine is by getting a real tree. However, pine trees aren’t always accessible to everyone. If you still want to have that forest-like scent in your home, you can turn small portions of it into a garland or wreath.

Another way of adding a natural pine scent to your house is by placing a few sprigs of it in your artificial tree, garland, or wreath. Even a small amount can pack a punch, and you can easily smell it every time you walk by. If there are pine trees nearby and they’re free, you can cut off a few branches and bring them home.


Cinnamon is undoubtedly a very festive scent. Just one whiff can make you feel like Christmas has come. One way of making your house smell like cinnamon is by hiding some fresh sticks in your holiday decorations. You can even tie them with ribbons and use them as ornaments in your tree, wreath, or garland.

If you love baked goods and festive scents, you should buy or make your own cinnamon-based treats. For example, you can make salt dough decorations with cinnamon. You can also buy freshly baked cinnamon rolls or cookies and let the scent spread throughout your house.


Pastries are an excellent way of making your home smell festive. A great example is homemade cinnamon rolls. Whether you’re baking or buying them, these treats are a sure way of filling your tummy and house with cinnamon goodness. For the best cinnamon rolls in Centennial, CO, check out our humble bakery.

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