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4 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes When Buying Bread

Bread has been a staple of society for centuries now. But for something that has been around for ages, people still seem to make some common mistakes when buying their bread. And so, we're here to clear up some of these misconceptions to help you find quality bread you can enjoy.

1. Thinking Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Are the Same

While both whole wheat and whole-grain bread are generally healthier than regular bread, there are still some differences to keep in mind. One of the biggest differences between the two is that whole grain bread is made from a single type of grain. However, whole wheat bread is made from a mixture of whole wheat and white flour.

Whole wheat bread can also be made from all three parts of the grain, while whole grain bread is made using the entire grain, including the bran and the wheat germ. That is why the USDA recommends that you choose whole-grain bread over whole wheat bread.

2. Not Checking for Hidden Sugar

Even if you try to find whole-grain bread to stay away from added sugars, it is still possible that you might be consuming unhealthy amounts of sugar if you aren't looking out for it.

Most bread use malt syrup, brown rice syrup, or honey to sweeten their bread. While these ingredients are natural, they still add to your sugar intake, so you should use caution if you are trying to avoid sugar.

3. Assuming Gluten-Free Bread Is Automatically Healthier

Gluten-free bread may eliminate the allergy that some people have to gluten. However, they are still not necessarily healthier than regular bread.

There is plenty of gluten-free bread low in nutrients and high in calories, so you should always check the nutrition facts before you buy, no matter what.

Gluten-free bread can also be more expensive than regular bread, so you might be paying more for less food.

4. Buying Bread With Added Ingredients

You might be able to find some healthier bread that has a little bit of an extra ingredient, but you need to be wary of ones that have a lot of extra ingredients.

You want your bread to be made from the essential ingredients only, and added ingredients mean that there are fewer of the essential ingredients, so you don't get as much nutrition.

One of the most common added ingredients is whey protein. It isn't necessarily bad for you. However, you don't need it, and it reduces the amount of the essential ingredients in the bread.

The same can be said for the added fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You might think you are getting more nutrition, but you are not.

The only safe added ingredients are the ones that are not possible to get naturally. For example, B vitamins are added to bread to make up for the nutrients that yeast takes up during the fermentation process.

In Summary

The best bread will use the essential ingredients and not have to add more to make it more nutritious. If you can, try to find bread that has a shortlist of safe ingredients because it will generally be the more nutritious bread. If you are looking for additive-free bread that is healthier, you should look for bread that is labeled as 100% whole grain.

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