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What to Look For in a Well-Made Bread

There are some very important characteristics that make bread a high-quality choice, and they aren’t necessarily the characteristics that you might expect.

You might think that it’s the recipe that makes a quality loaf of bread, but in many cases, it’s the flour that makes a difference. A good quality bakery will do everything in its power to make sure that it uses the best ingredients on the market.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the better choices that you can make when it comes to purchasing a loaf of bread.

Key Qualities of a Great Bread

1. Crust

A good crust makes a big difference in the taste of a loaf of bread. The best loaves have a thin crispy crust that is not only tasty, but also adds a nice crunch to the bread. The crust shouldn’t cover the entire loaf. Rather, it should appear in thin rings that surround the outer edges of the bread.

2. Air Pockets

You want a good quality loaf to have lots of air pockets. These are pockets of small, soft pockets inside the bread that don’t affect the texture or crumb. They’ll add a nice flavor and texture to the bread that you can’t get with fewer air pockets.

3. Glossy Interior

The best loaves will have a shiny surface, which is a result of the dough having been given a second rising. This is often referred to as the “oven spring” and it produces a great texture that is firm but slightly elastic and gives the bread more volume.

4. Flavor

Another trait of high-quality bread is its taste. The better loaves will have a sweet, nutty taste that is sure to be pleasant and satisfying. The flour used in a loaf of bread can have a big effect on the taste of the loaf.

This means that it’s been made with quality spices, sugars, and other ingredients that enhance the taste. It’s an important feature of every great loaf of bread.

5. Overall Finish

Good quality bread is always prepared with the best ingredients. That means that it’s made from scratch and has not been frozen or dried out. The best loaves are always freshly baked in the bakery and not shipped from somewhere else.

The Bottom Line: Breaking Down the Best Parts of a High-Quality Bread

When you find a great loaf of bread, you’ll know it. You’ll have a good crust, plenty of air pockets, and a sweet, nutty taste. Look for these qualities when you’re in the market for a great loaf of bread.

A good quality loaf of bread doesn’t come in a fancy box. It’s not the one that’s advertised on TV or has coupons attached to it. It’s the one that has a certain look, feel, and taste. It’s the one that you can tell has been made with the best ingredients available, and it’s the one that you’ll keep coming back for more slices.

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