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Top 3 Iconic German Desserts Worth Breaking Your Diet For

If you love sweets and want a taste of something both different and decadent, then a trip to a German patisserie, café or restaurant will be right up your street. Filled with a tantalizing selection of classic German desserts, the list below puts the spotlight on the sugary treats from the nation that introduced the world to sticky chocolate buns!

Whether it’s taking a bite out of a confectionary Knieküchle for fans of fried donuts, to the mature, deep twist Black Forest gateau adds to your classic sponge cakes, German cuisine has something for everyone. Perfect for those who have sweet tooth, these German delicacies are a real delight for all the senses, and are sure to end (or start) your day on a sweet note!

Serving You with the Top German Desserts of All Time

1. Kaiserschmarrn (Emperor's Mess) (Lightly Sweetened Pancakes)

You’ll have to have a real sweet tooth to appreciate this traditional confectionary dessert, which puts a unique take on your traditional pancakes.

Made with rum-soaked raisins to give the sugary dessert a powerful punch, the Kaiserschmarrn is served as a bite-sized pancake sprinkled with sugar. Other ingredients to expect include nuts, cherries, plums, and slivered almonds.

If that's not sweet enough for you, there's a choice to dip this finger-friendly delight with apple sauce, or lingonberry sauce. Crunchy on the initial bite, and then bursting in an airy goodness of sweet, this dessert tastes like a cross between a pancake and a delicious sugar high.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy this dish, the Kaiserschmarrn is definitely a dessert you must try on your trip to Vienna, or wherever you are in Germany.

2. Germknödel (Fluffy Dumpling Filled with Spiced Plum Jam)

The Germknödel is a sweet that you’ll definitely want to try to discover all of its creamy, buttery, and sweet tastes. The Germknödel is often eaten at Christmas, and combines with other holiday treats to create the ultimate German winter season dessert.

A Bavarian specialty, all parts of the dish, including the plum jam, are made in Bavaria, making the Germknödel a true German delicacy.

When made well, the Germknödel should be fluffy, with a soft dough that you can taste from the creamy dough to the filling. The filling should be sweet and flavorful from the spiced plum jam and melted butter, topping with poppy seeds and sugar to complete this sweet bread.

3. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake)

A fascinating and complex dessert, the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is one of the most well-known German desserts. A classic German dessert which tastes like no other thanks to its balance of sweet, sour, sharpness, this chocolate cake with a cherry filling is an absolute must.

Made with dark chocolate, whipped cream and cherries, this tasty treat is a customer favorite in Germany. You can enjoy this dessert hot or cold and served with vanilla sauce, whipped cream or ice cream. With it's distinct chocolate flavor, and the added tang of the sweet cherry filling, the Black Forest cake is a unique and decadent dessert, which any chocolate fan will enjoy.

The Bottom Line: Exploring German Desserts that can Transport Your Taste Buds to a World Away

No matter the time of year, the German desserts above are sure to give you the sugar high you’re looking for. They are all uniquely different, and are sure to take your taste buds for a sweet ride.

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