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Fun Facts About Cinnamon Buns You Might Not Have Known

If there’s one thing you should know about cinnamon buns, it’s that they’re one of the most beloved Scandinavian desserts. On the fourth of October, Sweden even has an unofficial national holiday called the Cinnamon Bun Day, where everyone enjoys freshly baked cinnamon buns.

Of course, you don’t have to be Scandinavian to have a great time eating cinnamon buns. It’s a well-known dessert around the world. Since its steady growth in popularity, people have made their variations of these baked goods.

If you’re a cinnamon bun lover, you might enjoy these fun facts you may not have known before.

1. The Cinnamon Bun’s Origins

There’s a lot of debate surrounding the origins of the cinnamon bun. Some claim it came from Sweden in 1920, but other neighboring countries might say otherwise. In truth, the Scandinavian dessert only gained worldwide popularity in the 1950s.

2. A Traditional Scandinavian Cinnamon Bun

There are many variations of the cinnamon bun. Some make them in rolls, others in sandwiches. The possibilities are endless. However, a traditional Scandinavian cinnamon bun is made with a dash of ground cardamom. It separates the pastry from the over-the-top sweet style you’d commonly find in North America. It also doesn’t have icing on the top. Instead, it’s just a sprinkle of granulated sugar.

3. How Many Buns Do Scandinavians Eat in a Year?

If there’s any proof of Scandinavian people’s love for cinnamon buns, it’s the amount of it they eat in a year. An average of 21,600 of these baked goods is consumed in a year. If you stack these all up, it will total a whopping 648 meters, which would barely surpass the height of the Shanghai Tower.

4. National Cinnamon Bun Competitions

Scandinavians take their cinnamon buns so seriously that they also hold national competitions for who makes the best one. In Norway, people have various competitions every year where they can nominate and vote for the best cinnamon bun through the local newspaper. It’s regarded as a prestigious competition, and everyone takes it seriously.

5. The Many Names of Cinnamon Buns

The cinnamon bun also has many names. In Norway, it’s called Skillingsboller or “schilling buns.” In Denmark, they call the dessert “cinnamon snails” or Kanelsnegl, while in Finland, they call it “slapped ear” or Korvapuusti. The latter is quite the odd choice, but it makes sense for Finnish people because if someone were to slap your ear, a cinnamon bun would make the best comfort food for the pain.

6. The Dangers of Cinnamon

Thanks to the enthusiasm Scandinavians have for cinnamon buns, you’d never know one of its main ingredients, cinnamon, contains the substance coumarin, which can damage your liver if you consume it in large quantities. People know this, of course, and they’re not the least bit afraid. They relish this particular fact because they can use it for scary headlines. However, rest assured that you’d need to consume about ten cinnamon buns a day for an extended period for this substance to have any effect on your body. Cinnamon buns are pretty safe.


Cinnamon buns are one of the most popular Scandinavian desserts enjoyed by people all over the world. There’s nothing quite like its sweet, rich taste, and it’s the perfect snack to make anyone feel good.

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