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4 Untold Facts About Coffee Cake You've Never Knew About

For many years now, coffee cakes have become one of the favorite pastry staples in different nations and countries worldwide. You can easily find these sweet treats just about in any bakery across the world, and yet little is truly known about their origin or background.

With that said, it would not hurt to get to know more about one of the most famous baked goods in the world. So without further ado, below are four surprising fun facts about coffee cakes that many people have never heard of before.

1. Coffee Cakes Were Never Invented

Yes, you've read that right. The actual origin of coffee cake is one big blur as there is no clear record of who first thought of the idea. Nonetheless, there is information that this treat was a result of the evolution of pastries over time, not from someone who deliberately invented it.

There are also references that different countries distinctly experienced coffee cakes. In Europe, coffee became popular around the year 1600. And after many years, it became natural to pair coffee with treats in coffee shops around the continent.

Meanwhile, in America, it is said that coffee cakes were from immigrants that brought coffee and sweet bread traditional recipes with them. While most of these recipes only involved sweetened pastries, the introduction of baking powder and baking soda eventually created coffee cakes that resemble the ones we know today.

2. Coffee Cakes Aren't Made Out of Coffee

Coffee cakes, contrary to their names, are not made of coffee. In simple words, the term itself pertains to pastries and treats enjoyed alongside coffee. However, this did not stop bakers from taking the literal approach by incorporating actual coffee grounds into their pastries.

Nowadays, every coffee cake is unique. Some bakers make cakes with spices and flavors resembling coffee, while others bake treats paired with coffee. Many add actual ground coffee to baked goods to make coffee cakes. For this reason, there are no standard recipes for making this delightful treat. The process of baking one depends on the baker's preference and taste.

3. Coffee Cakes Resemble Crumb Cakes

Like how coffee cakes came to this world, crumb cakes evolved from pastries that made them resemble the likes of coffee cakes nowadays. In German culture, crumb cakes are rooted in the traditional term streuselkuchen, kuchen meaning "cake," and streusel meaning "something sprinkled or scattered."

4. Coffee Cakes Have Their Holidays

As surprising as that sounds, it's the truth. Coffee cakes have a designated holiday which is scheduled on the seventh day of April every year. This date is proclaimed National Coffee Cake Day. However, there are no explanations as to how this came to be in the first place.

Nonetheless, it makes for an excellent reason to celebrate the richness and goodness of coffee cakes in the middle of the spring season, so it isn't at all that bad.


We sincerely hope that some of the shrouded mysteries about coffee cakes have been answered with this information. So the next time you enjoy this treat with your favorite cup of coffee, you won't be left wondering how this delectable pastry came upon your plate today.

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