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6 Different Ways Cinnamon Can Boost and Support Brain Health

People love to put spices on their food for an appetizer, main course, or dessert. After all, it's all thanks to spices that food taste is made complete. One perfect example of an all-rounder spice is cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a variety of "cassia" cinnamon, an evergreen, dark brown bark, and deeply ridged cinnamon sticks. The bark is what is used to season foods, adding a sweet taste that is slightly hot. Cinnamon is particularly loved because it can be combined with other flavors and is excellent when used in baking. It's also believed to give various health benefits, even for the brain. This is a fact that not many people know about, so we'll talk about how cinnamon can boost the human brain in this article. Read on below to get started.

#1 - Improves Memory and Learning Functions

Cinnamon is a cognitive enhancer, meaning that it improves memory and learning functions. It is believed to aid in the development of neurons, making it a viable option for research. It's also believed to promote learning and the formation of memories.

Studies have been done on animals that suggest that cinnamon can increase concentration and cognitive performance. When the subjects were given cinnamon, they performed much better in focus, attention, and short-term memory retention. This shows that cinnamon could help increase memory, learning functions, and concentration.

#2 - Helps Learn and Form New Memories Better

Memory and learning functions are intertwined, which is why cinnamon can help form new memories. It’s believed that cinnamon contains antioxidant properties, which can help stimulate memory, even in older people.

A study done by the University of California showed that cinnamon helps form new memories, making it better than the commonly used drug, Hydergine, in this regard. The study was done on young and old people, given three grams of cinnamon for two months. It was shown that their short-term memory increased, suggesting that cinnamon could be used to treat cognitive decline in older people.

#3 - Cinnamon Contains Antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of the essential nutrients, which is why cinnamon is a great alternative. Cinnamon contains antioxidants that help clean the body of harmful toxins, cells, and environmental factors. It is also believed to be great for cardiovascular and eye health.

Two types of antioxidants are found in cinnamon: Cinnamaldehyde and Phenol. Cinnamaldehyde is responsible for the smell and taste of cinnamon, while Phenol is responsible for many potential health benefits. Both antioxidants can slow the formation of free radicals in the body, which badly affects the skin.

#4 - Reduces the Brain’s Aging Process

Cinnamon is also believed to help reduce the brain's aging process. Many things can contribute to brain aging, such as stress and environmental factors. These can affect the immune system, making it harder for the body to fight off bacteria and viruses. This can cause oxidative stress, the leading cause of brain aging.

Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals disrupt the body's metabolism, leading to damaging pathways in the brain. Cinnamon can counter this process by reducing oxidative stress, which helps improve memory and learning functions.

#5 - Boosts Dopamine Production

Cinnamon is believed to boost dopamine production in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for motor and cognitive functions. It’s produced in the brain and the pineal gland, located in the brain.

A study was done that shows that cinnamon can boost dopamine production by 22%. This means that it can be as effective as pure dopamine. Scientists also believe that cinnamon can be used to treat Parkinson's disease, memory loss, and ADHD, all of which are caused by low dopamine levels.

#6 - Regulates Blood Sugar

We know that we're talking about the brain, but stay with us. High blood sugar causes inflammation in the body, even—you guessed it—the brain. Cinnamon helps fight this inflammation by regulating blood sugar, thus helping the brain.

Additionally, cinnamon can help reduce the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance. Being insulin resistant can lead to the formation of plaques in the brain, leading to memory loss.


Cinnamon is a great all-rounder because you can combine it with other flavors. Cinnamon is also known to have various health benefits, so you'd do well to include it in your diet. You'll reap nothing but good things because your body will be healthier when you do.

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